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Representative List of Distressed Assets and Real Estate Matters

JMBM’s Distressed Assets and Real Estate Group comprises a team of experienced finance, real estate, bankruptcy, tax and land use lawyers. Whether it is a solution to a problem or the response to an opportunity, we mobilize quickly to address the complex issues surrounding distressed real estate and other assets. To position our clients for the best possible outcome, we analyze the situation and act expeditiously to preserve value and increase cash flow. Our approach is thoughtful, aggressive and oriented to the client’s bottom line.

For more than 20 years, day in and day out— regardless of where we are in the market cycle — we have been restructuring deals that go sideways. Our legal experience in this arena is unparalleled. Our experience, together with our knowledge of the current capital markets where distressed assets often include complex deal structures and securitized loans, we are able to bring creative and effective strategies to the table.

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