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Environmental For the California Hotel & Lodging Association and California Apartment Association (separately): JMBM successfully designed and implemented global Proposition 65 claims settlements

JMBM was able to successfully create and institute a global Proposition 65 settlement of claims against 248 lodging establishments on behalf of California Hotel & Lodging Association members. JMBM has implemented similar programs for dozens of apartment management companies affiliated with the California Apartment Association.

Environmental For American Golf: JMBM completed environmental due diligence on a $1.1 billion transaction involving 250 sites, within 3 months

For American Golf, JMBM completed environmental due diligence on a $1.1 billion transaction involving 250 sites, within 3 months This included managing 5 national environmental engineering consulting firms to commission and complete Phase I reports for all sites and Phase II reports for numerous sites. JMBM attorneys completed an extensive environmental due diligence project involving […]

Environmental, Government and Land Use For CEMEX, Inc.: JMBM scored a significant victory in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for a mine project, which involved the relationship of the federal Endangered Species Act to state law

On June 5, 2006, JMBM scored a significant victory for the firm’s client, CEMEX, Inc., when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a published opinion in Center for Biological Diversity, et al. v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and CEMEX, Inc. 450 F.3d 930 (9th Cir. 2006). The Center’s lawsuit challenged authorizations by the Service […]

Environmental Getting Results – Prevailing against the regulators

JMBM lawyers, acting on behalf of the California Mining Association, filed suit against the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) challenging its adoption of a new regulation. As part of the settlement we achieved for our client, the SCAQMD was required to amend the regulation and allow a high wind exemption critical to CMA […]

Environmental Getting Results – Facilitating complex transactions

Supporting a client’s $1.1 billion transaction, JMBM lawyers conducted environmental due diligence for 248 golf courses throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Because such sites are often built on landfills, our efforts involved managing five international environmental engineering and consulting firms to conduct Phase I and Phase II testing for hazardous material contamination. […]

Environmental Getting Results – Successful resolutions for contaminated sites

JMBM environmental lawyers successfully resolved a CERCLA cost recovery and common law action relating to an Inland Empire aluminum smelter after obtaining summary adjudication on all CERCLA claims. We successfully prosecuted CERCLA, RCRA and common law claims on behalf of a property owner against the lessee of a former gun range facility in the city […]