Building windows



For the California Mining Association: JMBM achieved a high wind exemption critical to large construction projects throughout Southern California

JMBM attorneys, acting on behalf of the California Mining Association (CMA), filed suit against the South Coast Air Quality Management District challenging its adoption of a new regulation. As part of the settlement JMBM achieved for the CMA, the SCAQMD was required to amend the regulation and allow a high wind exemption critical to CMA […]

Class Action Defense, Litigation and Motor Vehicle Group

For Volkswagen of America, Inc.: JMBM defeats class action lawsuit

JMBM prevailed in a class action lawsuit brought against its client,Volkswagen of America, Inc. The plaintiff claimed injury because of a “Made in the U.S.A.” designation on license plate frame holders. The lawsuit sought damages and injunctive relief. In dismissing the lawsuit, the Court applied recently-enacted language from Proposition 64 which limits a person’s right […]


JMBM successfully defended a Los Angeles newspaper against a libel lawsuit

Inglewood, California Mayor Roosevelt Dorn’s libel lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sentinel and a staff columnist over alleged defamatory claims linking Mayor Dorn’s position on a local ballot measure to build a Wal-Mart Supercenter Store in the city was rejected by a Superior Court judge due to lack of merit. JMBM represented the Sentinel and […]

Intellectual Property, Litigation and Patent Litigation Group

JMBM Wins a Major Patent Infringement Trial: Jury verdict of $570 million

Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary K. Michelson, who revolutionized spinal fusion surgery with the invention of spinal fusion implant technology, and his company, obtained a jury trial verdict against Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Inc. in litigation involving contract claims and patent rights. In a three-month long jury trial, Dr. Michelson’s legal team secured a total […]

Creditors' Rights and Litigation

Judgment upheld for Phoenix American Incorporated: JMBM achieved success in a two-week trial involving claims of successor-in-interest

JMBM represented Phoenix American Incorporated in a two-week trial obtaining a declaratory judgment that it was not the successor-in-interest to an acquired company and therefore was not liable for the company‚Äôs debts; successfully defended the cross-complaint that claimed the transfer of assets from the acquired company was a fraudulent transfer and that Phoenix American Incorporated […]


Getting Results – An arbitration win, confirmed by the California Supreme Court

JMBM represented a licensing company in a case of first impression against a major competitor over licensing and other fees resulting from a contract with Target Brands, Inc. After a protracted arbitration, the three-judge arbitration panel awarded our client monetary damages (including all attorneys fees and costs) and reaffirmed our client’s right to a percentage […]


Getting Results – A trial win over contract claims

A jury found in favor of major independent film production company Morgan Creek Productions, Inc., awarding our client almost $2 million for Franchise Pictures LLC’s breach of good faith and fair dealing on an earlier settlement agreement. The jury also found in favor of Morgan Creek on its claims that Franchise Pictures LLC was improperly […]


Getting Results – A Proposition 65 win

JMBM successfully designed and implemented a global Proposition 65 settlement of alleged toxic material exposure claims against 248 lodging establishments on behalf of California Hotel & Lodging Association members. Our lawyers have also implemented similar programs for dozens of apartment management companies affiliated with the California Apartment Association.